Race Across Durham, Sunday, December 2, 2018

Where to stay:

The Quality Inn & Suites Medical Park Durham, NC
3710 Hillsborough Road Durham, NC 27705

 Is offering an exclusive rate of $49 includes fresh hot breakfast, internet and parking

*Reservations Must be Made by November 23, 2018*
*Rates are good for December 2nd & 3rd*

Google Map of hotels near the race parking/after party
Or search for hotels near 5253 N Roxboro St, Durham NC, 27712

Packet Pickup:

All packets must be picked up prior to race day. There is no race day packet pickup.

Packet pickup will be available at Bull City Running Co.

  • Friday, November 30 12:00 - 4:00 pm

  • Saturday, December 1 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Yes, you may pick-up a packet for a friend, but all runners must check-in in person at their respective start lines on race morning.

Start Times and Locations:

  • Marathon Start: 8:00am at Hickory Hill Boat Ramp

  • 10-Miler Start: 9:00am at West Point on the Eno Amphitheater

Both races will finish near the Eno River Rock Quarry

Parking and Shuttle Directions:

All runners will park at West Point Park Amphitheater parking lot (5253 Roxboro Rd., Durham, NC 27712). Note: this is approx. ¼ mile north of  the main entrance to West Point on the Eno at Seven Oaks Rd. Follow signs for runner parking and volunteers will direct you to exact parking location.


Marathon runners will be shuttled to the start of the marathon at Hickory Hill Boat Ramp. The shuttle will take approximately 20 minutes.

Marathon shuttles will run from 6:15am-7:20am.

Runners may be dropped off at the start line, but no parking is permitted.

The 10-Mile race starts at West Point Park Amphitheater. Runners will follow signs from the parking lot to the start line in the adjacent grass field.

Both marathon and 10-mile runners will be shuttled from the finish line near the Eno River Rock Quarry back to the parking lot at West Point on the Eno. The shuttle will take approximately 15 minutes.

Bag Check:

Runners will be issued a drop bag that will be transported to the finish line. No personal bags or duffels and please, no valuables.

Marathon runners can take drop bags on the shuttle to the race start and we will transport your drop bag to the finish line.

10-Milers will also have their drop bags transported to the finish line.

Aid Stations and Restrooms:

Aid stations will be located at select road and trail crossings along the course and are identified on the course map. However, some aid stations are more than 4 miles apart, so runners are highly encouraged to carry their own hydration device and fluids.

Aid stations will supply water, electrolyte drink (Skratch), energy gels (Honey Stinger) and basic first aid supplies.

Portable restrooms will be located at the parking area at West Point on the Eno, at the Marathon start area, and near the finish. No restroom facilities will be available on the course.

Post-Race Celebration:

After your shuttle ride back to West Point on the Eno, we welcome you to join us at the Amphitheater for a post-race celebration. Details to be announced closer to the event.

Time Limits:

  • The time limit for the marathon is 6.5 hours (8:00am - 2:30pm).

  • The time limit for the 10-Miler is 3 hours (9:00am - 1:00pm).

Race Rules & Reminders:

  • Your safety and enjoyment on the course is our top priority; please, no headphones.

  • Do not litter on the trail.

  • No pacing or companion runners are allowed. All participants must be registered.

  • No 4-legged friends or jog strollers allowed on the race course.

  • Your race bib must be visible and should be worn on the outside of your clothing at all times.

  • If you need to pass someone on the trail, please pass on the left at a safe location and say in a loud, clear voice “passing on the left.” High-fives and cheers for other runners and volunteers are highly encouraged.


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